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Interior Suite Hotel Almodovar Berlin

In the Almodóvar Hotel ethics and aesthetics are combined.
We believe in the individuality of each person but at the same time we are convinced that respectful and resource-orientated interaction with each other and our environment are the key to a good future. Respect and sustainability form the basis of our dealings with our guests and within our team.
At the same time, we are aware that openness and new and inspirational impressions are important elements in our life. An exceptional and aesthetic environment offers the ideal surroundings for this.
We welcome you into an environment of individual and organic design along with sensory and ethical treats.

What we do:

  • We serve exclusively vegetarian dishes.
  • We cook only with organic produce.
  • We serve exclusively organic drinks.
  • We favour regional suppliers and seasonal products.
  • We use fresh ingredients whenever possible and do without ready-made convenience products.
  • We use only fair trade organic coffee.
  • We do not have refrigerators in the rooms.
  • We use energy-saving technology.
  • We heat and cool using heat pumps and district heating.
  • We only purchase electricity from renewable energy sources.
  • Our house complies with the current energy-saving regulations.
  • We use open-porous, paste annealed lime paint with the natureplus® seal.
  • We use oiled wood from sustainable cultivation for the flooring.
  • Our furniture is made of wood from sustainable forests.
  • We use natural,organically-farmed materials for bed and bath textiles.
  • We use only naturally-certified cosmetics.
  • Our cleaning products are environmentally-friendly.
  • We work with small partners who attach importance to ecological and fair production.
  • When choosing our equipment we look at environmental compatibility and recyclability
  • We use energy-efficient lightbulbs.
  • We use products made from recycled materials.
  • Our entire print production is produced sustainably by an environmental printer‘s.
  • We have an open, partnership-based relationshipwithin our team, with our partners and, of course, with our customers

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Sabre:  IH  68208
Galileo:  CH 91406
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Almodóvar Hotel
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10245 Berlin

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